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SACHI - Enchanté ft. Naïka (Lyric Video) ft. Naïka


SACHI - Love Me Now (Audio) ft. CXLOE


SACHI - Sparking My Fire (Lyric Video) ft. ROE


When crowds relate, music connects.

SACHI cling to this truth like “the golden rule.”The New Zealand duo—Nick Chrisp and Will Thomas—go just as hard in their music as they do in their lives. As a result, uncompromising creativity and unbridled energy define the pair and translate right back to the audience as evidenced by one sold out show after another and over 25 million streams by 2019.

“I feel like the golden rule of music is people like songs they can relate to,” affirms Will. “If you’re writing about yourself and what you actually do, listeners put the subject matter into the perspective of their own lives. We commit to it.”

“You can hear our heart in everything we do,” agrees Nick.

This heart beats louder year after year. It started when Diplo visited New Zealand on tour in 2015. SACHI stalked his Snapchat, found his location, and slipped a USB drive through the window of the SUV carrying the star. Serendipitously, he gave it a spin and played “No More” and “Hold On”on Diplo & Friends, offering an invaluable co-sign. In the aftermath, SACHI exploded as a homegrown phenomenon, achieving two chart-topping gold singles—“No More” and “Shelter.” Along the way, they also ignited stages alongside everyone from A$AP Ferg to Alison Wonderland and received coveted co-signs from Diplo, Zane Lowe, Complex, Hillydilly, MTV, and more. Not to mention, fellow NZ superstar Lorde handpicked them for the remix of her multiplatinum smash “Green Light” with Montell2099. Signed to Casablanca Records, they made a splash stateside with 2018’s “Hollywood Angel” [feat. E^ST] and “Worst Behaviour” [feat. SamDeRosa], putting up 3 million more streams.

Entrenched in North America for the first time, they began recording in Los Angeles throughout 2018. The sessions yielded the appropriately dubbed Nights withRuby EP. Once again, they live up to the title.

“It’s all about energy,” continues Will. “We’re not shying away from who we are and what we do.”

They re-cement the project with the incendiary and infectious “Sparking My Fire” [feat. Roe]. Merging the tension and release of nineties house with a full choir and horn section, its flame burns bright on the hypnotic hook. Since the songs release, “Sparking My Fire” has been streamed over 1 million times,has been featured on many highly subscribed playlists such as Spotify’s MINT, and playlisted at SiriusXM.

Meanwhile, the follow-up “Love Me Now” pairs slick drums and a neon, danceable groove with an angelically warbled hook that’s “really heart-on-your-sleeve,”Will says.

In the end, SACHI builds an unbreakable bond with audiences by simply being themselves.

“Ever since we started making music, we wanted to create moments to share with friends,” the boys leave off. “We want to give everyone an uplifting and euphoric experience. The EP paints this picture of different energies coming together as a whole. We want people to connect and have fun with us.”