R e l e a s e s


"LittGloss" is a Copenhagen-based multi platinum selling producer duo consisting of Kristoffer Fuglsang and Mathias Holsaae. The duo has produced and written several hits in Denmark, and have a combined amount of +75 million streams on Spotify alone.

Mastering everything from trap and urban music to alternative and classic pop on an extremely high level and having worked with some of the biggest artists in Denmark like Gulddreng and Skinz, “LittGloss” is now re-introducing themselves as an electronic artist/DJ-duo.

“LittGloss” discovered their flair for EDM and house music as they were in a session with the highly succesful Danish DJ and producer Martin Jensen. Producing and writing his next single whilst receiving overwhelming feedback and demand for their EDM productions from both domestic and foreign labels, definitely made them hungry for more!

”Making house music is all about the energy: if people get the urge to move, then we have done something right. And honestly, all we want is for people to have a good time!”

The "LittGloss" sound unfolds in melodic and uplifting electronic music with surprising twists in the production. Their sense of compositional wholeness and their skills in leading unexpected musical elements together - using both organic instruments and electronic sounds - contributes to a completely unique but recognisable listening experience.