LA Vision

The hypnotic Hollywood is the debut single by enigmatic producer songwriter LA Vision in collaboration with iconic Italian DJ Gigi D’Agostino. 

LA Vision, who’s half Italian, half Brazilian, says “I spent my whole life learning everything I could in order to make my own music – playing, writing, arranging, producing and even singing it (as on Hollywood). I’ve been listening to every sound I could find, and like a sponge I absorbed everything. With everything I learnt, I became successful behind the scenes, but I couldn’t control every aspect; I couldn’t follow my vision. Now I can.” 

Each LA Vision song will tell a story, and Hollywood is about the dream of trying to make it, contrasted with the reality. Following your dreams won’t necessarily make them come true; in fact, it might take you to some dark places. 

Hollywood is the first step in LA Vision’s journey traversing many genres, styles and countries, inspired by the music that made us all sing, dance and dream throughout the last few decades. It has already gone gold in Italy, platinum in Austria, top ten in Germany, and now looks set to spread across the world.