R e l e a s e s

Joy Club


While the band’s identity remainsveiled,the mysterious and brand-new electronic dance act get set to release their debut single“In The Night”on March 6th, personality-packed, therapeutically joyous and primed for support.

Sometimes the music speaks for itself, ‘In The Night’ is a slice of feel good electronic dance, beautifully produced and ultimately catchy, with an infectious but familiar melody that will instantly hook you in. Simply put -full of the elements that make a track instant.

Formed less than 12 months ago, Joy Club have already got off to a strongstartwith a hot rework of French DJ and producer Martin Solveig’s new release ‘Juliet & Romeo’. The track is flying across all areas with early champions coming from the likes of Selected and Spotify.

The band come with astrong philosophy which they are professingfrom the start, one ofopennessandinclusivity, with the prime objective toreinforce this message throughout all of their releases.

This is pure feel-good dance delivering a brightly lit and relatable message direct to the club dancefloor. With further releases scheduled to drop later this year and a video for ‘In The Night’ in the pipeline, we think these are certainly ‘ones to watch’ for 2020.

Joy Club’s ‘In The Night’ will be available MARCH 6thvia POSITIVA