October 11th, 2017

ALMA parties with French Montana in the Charli XCX-directed clip for “Phases”

ALMA parties with French Montana in the Charli XCX-directed clip for “Phases”

THE FADER: ALMA is a Finnish singer whose neon green hair is as memorable as her poppy hooks. On her song “Phases” with French Montana, she sings about a not-so-special fling at a graduation party. In the song’s video, which premieres on The FADER today, we get to see a what that crazy party probably looked like. The clip was directed by the song’s co-writer Charli XCX, who imparts her strong visual style to the video with lots of organized chaos.

Over email, Charli described what it’s like to party with ALMA and what was like to direct the clip for her friend. “ALMA is a total rockstar,” she said. “Whenever I’ve partied with her it’s been the hardest, most crazy, partying. Whether it’s kicking the DJ off, taking over and crowd surfing a tiny bar in Finland or crashing some fancy LA birthday party and forcing everyone into the Macarena — it’s always a totally wild time! It just made sense to turn the “Phases” video into an ALMA style house party with her, her sister, and some of her best friends, and shoot it all. So that’s basically what we did.”

ALMA had high regards for her director and collaborator. “Charli was the best to work with directing the video,” she said. “We had the coolest cast and all my best friends are in the video! I was kinda nervous to work with French but he turned out to be so humble. This video is real, fun, weird and 100% me and I’m so exited to put it out!”